LITE Super Light Stainless Steel Vacuum Mug 350ml (Constellation Collection)

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Product Description

LITE is a super light vacuum mug constructed by medical grade 304 Stainless Steel (Mode 06CR19NI10), food grade PP’s lid and food grade silicone sealing ring. The laser-welded cup shows no visible sign of seams. Inner stainless steel adopts electrolytic grinding technology to prevent the deposition of dirt. Outer stainless steel adopts fingerprint-proof technology.

The portable mug is super light. Be convenient to pockets and bags. Super thin inner structure improves the capacity and heat/cold retaining properties. The mug has a push button with safety lock function to prevent beverages from spilling out.

The series of constellation vacuum mug collection with capacity 300ml are available in white colour body and different colour lid (red, blue, green, orange) to match to particular constellations.


Product Features

  • Constellation mug collection
  • Double wall stainless steel body
  • One hand operation
  • Push button with safety lock function
  • Laser welding cup shows no visible sign of seams
  • Super light


Product Specification

Brand: KACO
SKU: K1676
Material: Outer body: Austenitic 304 Stainless Steel
Inner body: Medical grade 316 Stainless Steel
Lid: Food grade PP
Seal: Food grade silicone
Constellation: Aquarius (Green lid)
Pisces (Blue lid)
Aries (Red lid)
Taurus (Orange lid)
Gemini (Green lid)
Cancer (Blue lid)
Leo (Red lid)
Virgo (Orange lid)
Libra (Green lid)
Scorpio (Blue lid)
Sagittarius (Red lid)
Capricorn (Orange lid)
Capacity: 350ml
Dimension: 65 x 65 x 175 mm
N/Weight: 185g
G/Weight: 235g


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